Southern Heat


"SOuthern HEat"

By Michael Schroeder, Arthur Egeli & Michael Lanahan


This is a journey of self-discovery for Bodey Bass, an L.A.P.D. Internal Affairs Detective burdened with an intense aversion to dishonest cops.

Bodey’s father, a rural Louisiana Parrish Sheriff is killed shortly after a daring causeway armored car robbery on Lake Henderson. Having been estranged from his father since he was a boy, Bodey reluctantly goes back to the Bayou for the funeral. Planning to stay only a day or so to deal with some probate issues, he changes his mind when he accidentally discovers evidence that his dad may be a dirty cop. He’s paired up with Deputy Sheriff Raimond Thibodeau , his late father’s best friend.

In the process of solving Bodey’s father’s murder case, this mismatched pair of lawmen go through hell and back to find the truth about the outlaws and the truth about themselves. They deal with hidden issues in each of their personal lives; eventually become great friends, bringing their fractured lives back to wholeness.