Elbow Grease Pictures is a film company created by seasoned Hollywood filmmakers. To maximize audience appeal and investor profitability, EGP collaborates with award winning Directors and A-list Actors while maintaining a cost-conscious mindset, creative edge and sense of authorship associated with responsible independent filmmaking.

Our slogan, “We work harder to entertain you,” reflects our philosophy that through hard work, production skills acquired through experience and industry knowledge, great movies can be made. Our new financial model, designed to achieve success and mitigate loss, was created by an experienced film team, which has overseen the production of over 165 films, grossing over $3.5 Billion worldwide; including SullyThe Bucket List, American Sniper, Drive, Gran Torino, A Few Good Men, Eraser, Mystic River, ShakedownCyborg 2 and The Big Easy.



Film Team


Tim Moore, Producer             

Michael Schroeder - Director.jpg

Michael Schroeder, Producer-Director


Frank Capra III, Executive Producer